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Bondage dating service

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Creating an account at Bondage Dating simply consists of entering some personal details and you’re good to go.In fact, you don’t even need to respond to a confirmation email which, while making sign-up very fast, is slightly worrying regarding security on the site.

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When you’re active in the BDSM and fetish community, you start to learn the tips and tricks of the trade.This left us feeling slightly peeved as we were not really able to get a feel for the site; certainly not enough to consider parting with our hard earned cash.The 3 day free trial goes some way in ameliorating this but we do urge readers to be careful to cancel if not satisfied, as if not this will be automatically renewed at $29.99 per month.In fact, the two are sister sites and hence almost identical right down to the member database; the only difference is the design.Accordingly, you may notice that our reviews for these two products will be rather similar.This is because there just aren’t as many people who are into bondage as are into regular dating.

We’ve had so much experience in bondage dating and fetish dating that we wanted to share that experience with others.

In order to find a great partner for bondage, you need to find the best sites for hooking up with other like-minded people who can empathize with your personal interests.

It’s just plain not easy to find partners on your wavelength, but you can manage it if you know properly what you’re doing.

The free account gives you a profile to fill out and upload photos to, as well as the chance to browse the photos of other members.

However, here is where the free fun ends, as at Bondage Dating the pay wall comes crashing down very promptly.

Please note that Bondage Dating is a clone of the more popular BDSM Singles website.