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We offer residential training with meals starting from $32.00US per day Depending on length of stay).

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So this article will provide some brief information for you to get ready before joining us.This design means that it can be used throughout the day, even when hot.Our open training area is 18m by 18m with stunning views and a concrete floor. We know what sets our students apart is not the art they practice, but who they become during the process – we strive to give people an opportunity to grow as individuals.We hope soon to be fully self sufficient for rice, largely self sufficient for vegetables and to produce much of our own fruit. We prepare local style food but use selected medicinal herbs to improve its value.Thanks everyone who helped create this place from previous owner to P'joy, Cyril, and all the staff that dedicate so much time into this wonderful place. That night, we had very good time making pizza followed by climbers' New Year's tradition of table bouldering.

An excellent little camp, amazing food and awesome routes all within zipline distance. chilled out climbers sanctuary not far from the city. We hope this helps shredding some weight gained from the pizza.

Joy's fresh baked sourdough bread is f'in amazing.

Nam Dong is situated 32 miles west of Da Nang in a valley near the Laotian border; it was manned by South Vietnamese personnel with American and Australian advisers, and served as a major thorn in the side of local Vietcong militants. to achieve the element of surprise, and reached the outer perimeter where South Vietnamese special forces managed to hold out.

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Read more about our training facilities We are a 5-10 minute ride / drive from the centre of town.