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Who is francesca annis dating

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She also announced she had begun legal proceedings against a newspaper for defamation and invasion of privacy over their story claiming she had forgiven Fiennes for the affair.

According to a report they kissed before disappearing down the street holding hands.After all, their 11-year rom­ance was born out of a passionate impul­siveness that led to the breakdown of her 22-year relationship with Wiseman and the end of his 12-year relationship with Kingston. The same could not be said of Fiennes’s two-year affair with Corn­elia Crisan, a 33-year-old Roman­ian singer, details of which only emerged after it was over and she sold her story to a downmarket newspaper.Annis was deeply offended by his behaviour and instructed her lawyer to confirm that they had split up.Perhaps the rave reviews of Cran­ford, the lavish costume drama in which she stars alongside Dame Judi Dench, have helped to soften her attitude to her errant young lover. Cast against type, she plays Lady Ludlow, who embodies the desire to maintain the old order when progress threatens the status quo in a Cheshire market town on the cusp of a social and industrial revolution.“She represents old conservative paternalism,” says Annis.But you just have to consider her unusual childhood to understand why forgiveness was only a matter of time.

Annis is the daughter of a Brazil­ian-French woman, Maquita, who eloped with Annis’s father Anthony, an actor.

“Fran­cesca always had a different idea of commitment from me, even though she’d been brought up a Catholic,” said Wiseman.

Newspapers alleged the second man was Trevor Eve, her co-star in the BBC’s Parnell.

When I put Marge on I started to feel like Lady Ludlow and, equally, when I took her off I’d have a shriek and become myself.” There is nothing “grey” about Annis. Practically anyone can play the ingénue but, later in life, characteristics come into play. “I can’t tell you what a relief it is not to have to be an object of desire on screen any more.

Being everyone’s fantasy is a nightmare because you can’t live up to it,” she said.

What Annis, 62, wants she generally gets, so it is no surprise to learn that she and the boyfriend who betrayed her last year are apparently back together.