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Hermorphidite dating

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You are currently on the home page of the Hermaphrodite Dating Community.Мы рады приветствовать Вас на БЕСПЛАТНОМ сайте международных знакомств!На нашем сайте знакомств, Вы найдете новых друзей, партнеров для путешествия, и, конечно, мужчину своей мечты. Telling others about being a Hermaphrodite may not always be the easiest thing to do. Some may be surprised by your appearance, but many would find it intriguing and exciting as there is more of you to play with.The story goes that she had (at birth) both female and male sexual characteristics.

I was unconvinced by this tale, but my colleague (not one to exaggerate) insisted that it was common knowledge in the medical community. * * *Dear Urban Legends: Is it true Jamie Lee Curtis is a hermaphrodite? Dear Readers: Celebrities are always telling us that fame has its downsides, lurid gossip being one of them, and few could make a better case than actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who for two decades has been saddled with rumors that she was a hermaphrodite at birth (or, as it has been more crudely put, "born with a penis").

Если Вы хотите познакомиться с иностранцами для дружбы и общения, мечтаете выйти замуж за иностранца, то этот сайт для Вас!

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