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It also housed a new wave of Jewish immigrants from Eastern and Central Europe, and for a time housed the great majority of Scotland's Jewish population.Kelly Osbourne shows off her non-single status with a “TAKEN” necklace while out and about on Tuesday in NYC’s So Ho neighborhood.Kelly, 22, was accompanied by boyfriend-of-two-months Jarrod Gorbel, who is the frontman for Brooklyn indie band The Honorary Title.By the late 19th century, it had become densely populated and adversely affected by local industrialisation.Many people lived here because their jobs provided worker housing and they could not afford their own.The Jewish population moved out of the area as its members gained education and rose in economic class.

Although the Irish-Catholic population has declined to an extent, many of this group have remained since the area's redevelopment.

Govan parish was one of the oldest possessions of the church in the region.

The merk land of "Brigend and Gorbaldis" is referred to in several sources.

The Trades' House obtained a western section; and the remaining section lying to the east and south was allocated to Hutchesons' Hospital.

The Hutcheson's Trust sub-feud a portion of their lands to an ambitious builder, James Laurie.

The group have discovered that a copy of the original cross fountain was installed on the Caribbean island of St Kitts & Nevis.