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Dating someone that has herpes

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Why on Earth would I knowingly choose to put myself in danger like that? But to me, it feels like you’re asking me to justify my value.The facts on herpes are actually quite clear when you do research online: herpes transmission is not that simple, particularly when both parties make an effort to use condoms, antivirals, dental dams, and so forth.

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However, I am interested in knowing exactly how your HSV-1 infection was diagnosed.Therefore, genital to genital transmission is uncommon.Over 3 decades in the STD business, every case of genital HSV-1 I have seen was acquired by oral sex.Here’s another pet peeve of my email inbox: when a man (because it’s almost always a man) asks me if he should continue seeing this woman he’s been dating who just told him she has herpes.Sometimes the question is data-based, about what transmission statistics are real. When you ask me questions about if you should date someone with herpes, I know you’re looking for an expert opinion.My first outbreak was quite painful because it coincided with an infected spider bite, but now I show symptoms so rarely that I pose no credible risk to my partners 99% of the time.

In retrospect, if my ex-boyfriend had known he had herpes and told me before we started dating, I wouldn’t have done anything differently, and I would still have herpes today.

I know couples who have gone years without transmitting by being honest with each other about when they are having outbreaks.

The person most likely to give you herpes is the person who doesn’t know they have it in the first place.

We only have been dating a few weeks but I felt she should know asap before we got in too deeply.

I have HSV 1 and am dating a new partner who does not(although she has not been tested).

On the other hand, herpes itself honestly isn’t that big of a deal for most of us.