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Let’s talk about the various ways to meet your fellow Williams.

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The Amazing World of Gumball is one of Cartoon Network’s lesser known shows, but it has developed a cult following for its witty, often surreal and reference-heavy humor.Terraria debuted in May 2011 on Windows PC, meaning that it took about five and a half years for the game to reach the 20 million mark.According to Re-Logic, 8.5 million of those 20 million copies were sold in the 18-month period between June 2015 — the release of the version 1.3 update, a significant one — and the end of 2016.#Simba UYKix MBJI— Jon Favreau (@Jon_Favreau) February 18, 2017 The caption is a nod to the iconic song of the same name that appeared in the 1994 animated film.The film, which won two Oscars in 1995, starred Jonathan Taylor Thomas as the younger version of Simba and Matthew Broderick as the older, more mature lion.Community did an entire episode using 8-bit graphics, and South Park tackled World of Warcraft in...

This episode of Peace Craft contains what you might safely consider a “plot twist,” which I wouldn’t want to spoil for you in this here description. Sony is currently running one of its semi-regular flash sales on the Play Station Store.

We’ve selected a few other Action Deals for your perusal below. Bloodborne Complete Edition Bundle - $17.49 (PS4) Broken Age - $4.99 (PS4) Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - $4.49...

The flash sale will run for three days, ending at 11 a.m. William mostly fights his way across this demon-filled version of medieval Japan mostly on his own. And sometimes, frankly, playing alone is a sure way to get yourself killed (or at least super frustrated).

In order to make their way out of the virtual world, they have to power up enough to take on the final boss.

Video game-inspired one off episodes aren’t a new trend in television.

The strategy role-playing game series is all about lengthy battles, challenging maps and memorable characters whose stories play out over several chapters.