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Daughter dating loser

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If his girlfriend is frequently critical toward him or if she tries to isolate him from his family, friends and hobbies, your son might be in an unhealthy relationship, according to Kids Health, a child development site, and you'll need to intervene.

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We have warned her that when her savings go dry we can not help her. Whatever his faults, your daughter has chosen him (at least for now), and you are telling her that her choice is lousy. You will keep your daughter by trying to respect her right to her choice of bf, painful though that is.The alternative is that she will choose him over you because she will defend her choice through thick and thin if opposed.Most of us have been there, gritting our teeth and praying for the day when SHE finally realises that he may be more work than she wants.Your conversation might encourage your son to leave a girlfriend who treats him poorly.Encourage positive self-esteem in your daughter by giving her responsibilities around the house and encouraging her to get involved with clubs at school or volunteer groups in the community.Ask yourself whether a child's partner is really a "loser." Does he treat your daughter well and does your daughter seem happy dating him?

While your child's boyfriend might not be an exceptional student or a hard worker, your daughter might be content with dating him for now.

Teenagers might get swept away in a love-at-first-sight relationship, enjoying every moment and blissfully ignoring any warning signs.

While parents might want to boot their child's unimpressive boyfriend to the curb, meddling in a child's relationship rarely leads to a positive outcome for anyone.

Any time we say something to her about the relationship we can count on her not being home that night.

We are really worried about her but can not say anything about it. That night she left the house on foot and we had no way to get in touch with her.

It is only a matter of time before this guy ends up dead or in prison and we are worried that he will take her with him.