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Finally, I encourage you to check your states fishing rules to know the laws regarding jug fishing for your state, most states allow this type of fishing but there are some that still do not.

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I hope this has helped you to be a better Jug Fisherman.You can still pick up a few if you set your fishing jugs in the right spot.Catfish like to spawn in holes or recesses around the bank, using a good sonar you can troll the banks and find good spawning areas to place jug lines.I don’t usually set out my jug lines in this manner, when I set out my Fishing Jugs it is because the spot I chose holds fish, I don’t want them floating off somewhere else.This is another big advantage of having an adjustable depth Fishing Jug.I have been jug fishing for several years, I started out just using regular jugs of any kind (milk jugs or 2-liter plastic bottles) to make my jug lines and struggled with the typical problems that come with using jugs.

The lines were hard to wrap up and store in a way that would not get tangled and changing the depth of your jug lines was a true pain in the butt.

The time period just before the spawn (pre-spawn) is an excellent time to set Fishing Jugs.

Catfish feed like crazy during the pre-spawn and will eat almost anything.

I wanted to develop something that was depth adjustable and could conserve space on a boat.

It took some time to figure out the best way to make the jug line adjustable but after several attempts at more complicated designs and on-the-water testing, the line spool design that we sell today is what worked the best.

Fishing shallow during this time period will be the most effective, around rip rap, feeder streams and shallow structure are all good places to set out jug lines.