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Who is glenn close dating

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I happened to find this website on the internet and I thought I would try it out.I listened to a few of your videos and found them very fascinating.

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The nuances of dynamics, phrasing and articulation were superb and the band really swung!! My wife and I attended a concert at the lovely Paramount Theatre in Charlottesville, VA earlier this evening. I grew up listening to my parent’s 78s of the original Glenn Miller Orchestra, so this music has been a part of my life for a long time.That’s all…Big Band music was my parent’s generation, but I have always been a fan of the music and events of the 1940’s.I particularly like the music of the Glenn Miller’s Orchestra.It was more than music, it was entertainment, artistically done and professional.The performers really got into it and you could tell from their actions enjoyed what they were doing.I hope the performers continue to keep the music exciting! I had always wanted to hear the Glenn Miller Orchestra because I just love all the music. I can’t wait to hear you next time you are in my area. I drove down to Charlottesville from Baltimore with a friend and we were both incredibly impressed.

Is it possible to get four video copies of that performance. I was one of the younger people in the crowd that night (I’m only 40), so I hope to keep going to performances for many years to come. old granddaughter, myself, along with 3 other friends enjoyed your show to AMAZING for words…!!!! Yes, there was lots of nostalgia with the great Miller reed sound and arrangements.

I read the history of the orchestra and was impressed how this orchestra was created. To me, the soloists make a great deal of taste to a recording or live performance.

I would love to attend one of the concerts someday! Soloists on the recording of Long Tall Mama by the Miller civilian band, are Tex Beneke on alto sax, Ernie Caceres on clarinet, Billy May on trumpet, Al Klink on tenor sax and Moe at the drums.

It would be great if I would have been able to watch in person, but the videos were great as well. He would be so thrilled to see how successful it continues to be.

And the Mods would love the Moonlight Serenaders continuing those great songs.

There are very few Big Bands still touring and if the GMO doesn’t play these great songs, we won’t get the chance to hear them live.