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Electronic medical Records or EMR are the digitized version of the paper charts that are used by medical professional in the process of fulfilling any of their patient’s medical needs.Being able to track data over time and provide quick trending of results and outcomes can help in any analysis that needs to take place.Identifying patients who are due for medical surveillance programs or follow up visits makes efficient use of your time.The software for both electronic medical records is the same; both provide a means to record and then access the medical data of a patient.As a whole, EHR are intended to contain and share information from all providers involved in patient’s care; whether it be creating new data, managing old, or consulting amongst official providers and staff from across more than one health care facility.That is why we offer access to a patient’s medical records to only the attending physicians and those involved with health care needs of the patient.

No frivolous access will be granted, and the records will be able to move in their entirety, securely and efficiently, wherever the patient chooses to go.

After seeing what a great job you and your staff did, we wouldn’t have changed a thing! Lauren & Scott Dear Les, You are a man of your word.

You promised a perfect party and that’s exactly what we got. The food was excellent, the presentation was artistic and your staff is professional yet friendly. Thank you so much for making Jake’s Bar Mitzvah a night to remember.

It was really nice to see everything all set up for a Bar Mitzvah.

The presentation of everything was beautiful and the food was delicious!

You’re a true gentleman and your work reflects that.