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It is my standard practice to document archaeological sites and architectural monuments with different types of images:1) General views that frame the monuments in their geographical, natural and environmental context;2) Traditional front and side views of the sort most requested by architects, archaeologists, and other scholars; 3) Detail views of significant architectural and sculptural features, always trying to use a grazing light to highlight the skillful work of ancient artists;4) Photos with people present to convey scale and because I believe that every architecture becomes more “vivid” when it is “left” by people;5) And finally, the images I most enjoy taking, such as those with an interesting, unusual angle, and shots from below that relate the monument to the blue sky above.

  I only travel by public transportation, and I try to stay in hotels that don’t cater exclusively to tourists.Measurement ranges of -20°C to 100°C, 0°C to 250°C, or 150°C to 900°C are selectable in software.Interchangeable lenses are available with 6°x5°, 23°x17°, 48°x31° and 72°x52° field of view.  This preliminary itinerary was refined and enriched during the course of my journey as my knowledge of the area was deepened, and as a result of conversations with scholars I met on site.I visited all the major Roman archaeological sites in Tunisia, with the sole exception of Mactaris, 140 km Southwest of Tunis. My photographs are a representation of continual research, exploration, and experimentation with composition, light and the aesthetics of a photographic shot.It was this passion and the desire to know new countries and cultures, that led to my extensive travels in Tunisia during the Spring of 2015.

As I had studied Classical Studies while attending the university in Rome, I began by exploring the wonderful archaeological remains of Roman towns.

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  I constantly find myself drawn to these remnants of ancient Roman culture, and feel at home among them.

I also seized the opportunity to visit many of Tunisia’s beautiful beaches, natural landscapes, and the masterpieces of Islamic art.

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